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Snake, Reptile, Lizard, Mammal, & Rodent Tubs

Advantages of Vision Snake Tubs:
  • Variety Of Sizes
  • Easy Assembly
  • Fits Snake Racks Perfectly
  • Lightweight & Durable

Snake Tubs - Perfect for Many Species of Reptile, Rodents and More

These snake tubs and reptile tubs are engineered to fit perfectly into the Vision Versa-Rack systems. In addition, these reptile breeding tubs are built using 25% more material than a typical discount store plastic bin, making the Vision tubs stronger, more durable and less flexible. Snake breeders will appreciate that the tub rims are thick, easy to grab, and provide a wide seal between the top edge of the tub and the Versa-Rack shelf above. A thicker bottom provides some protection from hot spots from the heat cable or heat tape and ensures that long exposure to heat will not damage the tub. And the tub bottom is flat inside and out, making the tub easier to clean and hard for snakes to push under water dishes and flip them over. Rodent breeders will like that Vision tubs are made from a plastic material that is harder than the softer plastic of a typical shoe box bin, making it less likely that mice or rats will chew through the tub. Whether you are housing hatchling snakes or adult breeder boas and pythons, there is a Vision tub and Versa-Rack to meet your needs. Contact us today for questions regarding ordering and shipping of your snake breeding tubs and reptile breeding tubs. The reptile rack and cage experts from Vision are happy to assist.