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Custom Cages

Vision Cages Model 211 - Reptile, Lizard, Snake Cages

Snake Cage Model 211

Vision Cages Model 211 - Reptile, Lizard, Snake Cages

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Our Vision Cage Model 211 makes for a perfect living environment for snakes, reptiles and lizards. Designed and manufactured by our team of experts.

  • Space Saving Technology: Our vision cages are designed to be stacked, offering you a durable space saving structure.
  • Lasts A Lifetime: Molded one piece construction from durable high density impact resistant polyethylene.
  • Piece of Mind: Designed and manufactured by reptile experts. Ensure your reptile gets the perfect lighting, heat and ventilation.
  • Easy Cleanup: Removable doors and stain resistant material makes for an easy time cleaning up.
  • Vision Cage Specs

    Dimensions: 24" W x 22" D x 14" H

    This snake cage model includes 16" fluorescent vent heating.

    Under tank heater; venting: fluorescent vent only