Lizard Racks & Racking Systems

Vision Products provides lizard racks and racking systems for breeding and housing lizards of all types such as iguanas, chameleons, skinks, and breaded dragons. Our lizard racking system is light-weight with breeding tubs built-in. This lizard racking system is a space-saving racking system that is quick and easy to assemble. In addition, you can easily maneuver your lizard racks, as it comes with wheels which are also lockable. If necessary, you can always add additional levels of breeder tubs and shelves stacked on top of each other. The best part about our lizards racking system is they are strong, dependable, and highly versatile. Whether you are breeding lizards or housing them, these racks are the perfect choice. In fact, these lizard racks accommodate every brand of plastic breeding tub no matter the size.

Additionally, you can rotate your lizard racking system 90° and change the size by exchanging the space between the tubs. When you purchase a lizard racking system from us, you will receive a heat cable. Clips and ventilation are built-in the shelves to keep the heat cable in place and leave enough space for proper ventilation. Heating tape can also be applied on top of the clips to ensure the tubs are receiving enough heat and ventilation. This allows custom heat on every level of your lizard racking system. Lastly, stops and guides are on the lizard racks to ensure the breeding tubs do not move or slide out.

Lizard Racking Systems

Whether you are searching for lizard racks for breeding or housing hatchlings, we have something every reptile enthusiast. Our lizard racking systems vary in size according to width, depth, and height. You may need a tall lizard racking system with ll levels or a hatchling rack with only 7 levels and 15 tubs, as we can accommodate to your racking needs. All our lizard racks come with different levels and number of tubs, so you can house or breed any number of lizards and reptiles. In addition, our lizard racking system is easy to clean, and the tubs are durable, so they do not fall out. If you have any questions about our lizard racks and lizard racking systems, contact us today. One of our experts will answer any questions you might have about our reptile racking systems.

Lizard Racking System Benefits
  • Durable, Stackable, & Lightweight
  • Accommodates Various Plastic Tub Brands and Sizes
  • Versatile & Easy Assembly
  • Various Sizes and Styles
  • Space Saving