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Our Tyrannosaurus Rex is a perfect for a display/ promotional item. Use it to draw attention to you business or buy one for the backyard.

Numerous Pet Stores and other business have purchased our T-Rex and have had wonderful results. One customer regularly sells his T-Rex that he gets custom painted, makes a nice profit and then just replaces it with a new one.

There is no other product of this type that is as affordable, lightweight, and virtually indestructible as Vision Products Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur - Large 8.5 Feet Tall Basic Paint

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur - Large 8.5 Feet Tall Custom Paint

Carnotaurus Trophy Mount

Molded From a 12' foot long 6' foot tall sculpture. Made from Lightweight High Density Polyethylene. Virtually indestructible, UV resistant and paintable.Sold unpainted Dimensions 30" inches tall by 14" inches wide, extends out from the wall 18" inches.